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About us

We are Wealth Advisors. We specialize in the provision of Family Office services and administration of private property. The Family Office services, which we provide, include the following:

Due to knowledge of the client’s entire property, standard of living and future plans we can organise family wealth and set investment processes so that the property and finance remain protected and, in addition, so that the property value grows and overcomes inflation. In our conception of the Family Office services we achieve better maintenance of the capital creation continuity and property appreciation along with protection against unexpected life situations.

By taking over administration within Family Office we create for the client bigger space for their own self-realization in business, employment and private life.

We are aware of our responsibility and appreciate the trust our clients put in us every day. Therefore, we cooperate solely with strong, experienced and proven partners tested by the market.

Among our typical clients are family businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, doctors and other representatives of the so-called liberal professions. In addition, we cooperate with a number of top sportsmen and institutions.

Our vision

Most banks now offer their wealthy clients private investment banking. The banks allocate clients with a personal adviser who annually invites the client for a meeting, asks about their health offers them the bank​s​ or their partners products and that's that.

We ​at ​Wealth Advisors, work differently. We get to know our clients well. We do this by asking ​ and listening to them​, making sure we understand them. If we are unsure​, we ask and listen intently until we clearly understand what the client​'​s needs​, goals and anxieties might be. As holistic medicine combines all asp​ects of a patients life in order to cure the patient, we too use all relevant information about their life, property and the ​current ​situation ​in which the client is to achieve h​er/his financial independence and goals ​s/he sets up continually with us.

We have always been, are and will be independent. We have a constant overview of what is happening ​on financial market​s​, what financial tools are available and continually assess what investment tool​ is appropriate for the client at any given time and in line with ​their strategy.

We take ​upon ourselves the responsibility for decisions​ and advise we give​. We are aware of all the risks. We eliminate those​ risks by invest​ing​, exclusively in time proven​, reliable companies and ​into ​projects whose risks and financial potential ​we evaluate regularly.

We strongly stand by the individual strategies we suggest to each of our clients. Our clients trust our strategies and this trust is the most important attribute to our success. The reward for this trust is their peace, financial prosperity, security and stability, which after some time ​turns into financial independence.

Our values

  • Trust
  • Prosperity
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Independency

Wealth Advisors Team

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